As one of the world’s giants in the iron and steel industry with 25 manufacturing sites on three different continents, Tosyalı Holding dates back to 1952, when Şerif Tosyalı, the father, began manufacturing hand-work stove-pipes and boiler-buckets with his three sons in a 9-meter-squared shop in İskenderun. In 1988 these three young and hardworking brothers, Fuat, Ayhan and Fatih Tosyalı learned this profession from their father, sweating blood while taming the hammer, and took over the workshop and founded Tosyalı Metal Ticaret(Tosyalı Metal Trade). 

1993 marked a milestone for the three brothers who followed the same path with their father in trade.

Strengthening their presence in the market the same year, the Tosyalı brothers rolled up their sleeves to turn the Tosyalı Demir Çelik Industry Inc.’s investment idea into reality. Building the first factory of the group on the İskenderun Organized Industrial Site took a year and it commenced production in 1994. Steel manufacturing in the factory’s rolling plant had begun, and after a year angle iron was also included in the manufacturing portfolio.